Facilities Management

The Facilities Management Department is responsible for providing a safe, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environment for all of its customers throughout its 18,000 square mile service area. Adequate lighting, comfortable indoor temperatures, cleanliness, campus safety and landscaped areas for all to enjoy are proactively maintained on a daily basis often out of sight of its customers. In addition to the Facilities Management (FM) departments daily routine, FM is involved in area remodeling, energy efficiency projects and new construction projects.

s Facilities Management Department led all NSHE institutions with Americans with Disabilities Act compliance utilizing state Capital Improvement Project funding. The project looked at the Carson campus, revising grades, restrooms, parking and exterior doors making the campus more accessible for its customers requiring accommodations; the project is ongoing and we are currently in phase three of four.

  • Assist in promoting the safety, health, and comfort of the college community
  • Provide for the physical aspects of the buildings and structure of the college
    • Planning and coordinating all installations and refurbishments
    • Maintain a high standard of safety, cleanliness, and efficiency in all maintenance and repair projects
    • Design, install, repair, and maintain ADA compliance structures for community access
    • Perform preventive maintenance, repair, and installation in connection with:
      • Electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems
      • Exterior and interior of buildings
      • College grounds
    • Inspect building structures to determine the need for repairs or renovations
    • Move equipment and materials within and between college buildings and for off-ground special events
  • Provide for the internal and external cleanliness, aesthetics, and safe access of the college
    • Provide needed supplies, cleanliness, and maintenance of bathrooms, halls, classrooms, stairs, ramps, offices, conference rooms, ball field, entryways, and exits
    • Plant, cultivate, prune, fertilize, mow, hoe, weed, rake, and irrigate vegetation
    • Sweep, shovel, plow, and de-ice walkways, stairs, ramps, parking lots, and roadways
  • Ensure all facility related activities conform to college, local, state and federal guidelines, policies, and procedures
  • Mitigating emergency situations that arise
  • Developing and managing vendor contracts
  • Oversee vendor projects from design, installation, and completion
  • Operate a variety of equipment, machinery, and hand tools, including power-driven heavy machinery
  • Proactively examine energy and supply usage to determine cost-cutting measures and potential sustainability improvements
  • Actively engage in professional development and training to keep abreast of new information, innovative ideas and techniques
  • Manage, schedule, and process incoming and outgoing mail and packages for delivery
  • Attend to the transportation needs of the college
    • Coordinate vehicle repairs and maintenance with approved vendors
    • Resolve problems and customer issues associated with vehicle repairs
    • Provide general maintenance and upkeep of motor pool
    • Direct preparation and flow of vehicles for assignment
  • Assist with the disposition of surplus vehicles and equipment
  • Maintain records, prepare reports, and compose correspondence relative to the work
  • Maintain and inventory an adequate stock of supplies and equipment
  • Schedule, organize and coordinate meetings, conferences and publicized events
  • Review and evaluate historical information, precedents and applicable regulations, statute and guidelines
  • Develop and implement alternative courses of action and probable outcomes based on available information and projections for continuity of operations for the college
  • Compile, organize and consolidate financial and statistical data required to assist in the development of the budget for all college campus construction projects

Facilities Management

Bristlecone 120

2201 West College Parkway

Carson City, NV 89703

Main: 775-445-4225

Other: 775-391-4267


Interim Dir of Facilities/Project Coordinator

Jeff Erickson




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Custodial Supervisor

Robert Martinez




Central Receiving

Allison DeCampos




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Locksmithing Key Request/Return/Repair

Daniel Smith



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Facilities Management
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