Our philosophy is to empower students to be successful in obtaining their educational goals. By providing necessary support, we help students to attain their academic, vocational and personal goals at ║┌┴¤═°. Disability Support Services(DSS)provides qualified students with disabilities equal access to higher education through academic support services, technology and advocacy in order to promote their independence, retention and graduation. 

║┌┴¤═° is committed to serving the College community in the following areas:

  • Serving as an advocate and liaison
  • Providing appropriate accommodations and services
  • Giving guidance and training on disability matters
  • Fostering self-sufficiency
  • Acting as a resource regarding areas of compliance.

Getting Needed Accommodations and Services

Reasonable accommodations and implementation of services are determined by the DSS program director after consultation and discussion with the student.

In order to be connected with the Disability Support Services (DSS) office and receive accommodations you will need to first complete and submit an application .

Once registered with the DSS office, students will attend an intake appointment, provide written proof of their disability when they meet with the DSS program director. At the end of the intake appointment, the program director determines accommodations, which may include:

  • Extended time for testing
  • Note taking assistance
  • Distraction reduced testing room
  • Assistive technology
  • Academic coaching
  • Auxiliary aides
  • ASL interpreters/captioning
How to Request Accommodations

Exam Scheduling

It is the students responsibility to make an appointment with DSS when planning to take an exam in the DSS office. DSS requires a minimum of:

  1. 3 working days advance notice before exams or quizzes are to be administered in the DSS office
  2. 7 working days if exams must be converted to an alternative format (e.g., Braille, large print, etc.)
  3. 7 working days for readers, scribes and/or assistants

Generally, students with disabilities take exams at the same time as the rest of the class unless there are time conflicts, in which case an alternate exam time is assigned with the instructors approval.

DSS administers exams from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

Note: Exams will not be administered after 3:15pm unless after hour arrangements have been made 1 week in advance.

How to Schedule an Exam

Requesting Alternative Text

If an accessible PDF version of your text is available in the campus bookstore or other online source, you will need to purchase it in that format instead of the physical copy because we may not be able to obtain it for you.

There are many databases and inventories of electronic books and materials, so you may be able to locate an existing electronic copy on your own. Please be sure to check these external sources prior to submitting your request form. If you need assistance locating these websites or setting up accounts, please schedule an appointment with the DSS office to do so.

Alternative format options may include:

  • Digital: A digital version of the requested book in either EPUB or Adobe PDF, depending upon availability.
  • Large Print: An enlarged copy of the requested title. Paper size is 11" x 17," and font size is based on student preference.
  • Braille: The universal system of writing and printing for the blind.

Note: Book requests can take up to six (6) weeks to be filled.

How to Request Alternative Text


Disability Support Services College Readiness Education for Students in Transition (CREST) program is for transition age students (16-22) with disabilities. It is a free program that introduces students to the college experience giving them practical skills to succeed.

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